Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Who We Are

The Joint Centers of Excellence Program (JCEP) at King Abdulaziz for Science and Technology (KACST) includes several Joint Centers of Excellence (JCEs). Each JCE has one or more world-renowned academic and industrial collaborating partners, and is staffed with researchers to carry out research projects in the following domains:

  • Material Sciences
  • Water and Energy
  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Biology and Environment
  • Communication and Information Technology

The JCEP’s mandate is to support and govern the JCEs in order to achieve KACST’s strategic objectives and to establish mechanisms for developing the expertise and honing the skills of researchers in the Kingdom.

In addition, The JCEP oversees several specialized training programs conducted by the JCEs, including:

  • Advanced Training Program (ATP)
  • Scholars Training Program (STP)
  • Student Training Initiative (STI)

The intention is to train young Saudi researchers in collaboration with top-tier academic and industrial establishments to enrich their experience and refine their research skills, thus helping them become more competitive candidates for postgraduate programs at the world’s leading universities.