Joint Centers of Excellence Program

National Academy of Science Arab-American Frontiers Fellowship Award

Event Date: 
26 Apr 2016
Event Description: 

Dr. Mohammed Amer in collaboration with Dr. Frank DelRio from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have been awarded the Arab-American Frontiers fellowship seed grant on their proposal entitled, “laser induced particle adsorption on atomically thin Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)”. The grant is funded by the national academies of sciences (NAS). The project aims to study anomalous particle formation on MoS2 after laser irradiation. The study is the first step to identify and control these anomalous particles using noninvasive optical methods.

Atomically thin MoS2 is part of newly discovered 2D materials that exhibits exceptional optical and electrical properties at the nanoscale. It is predicted that the material has various future applications in the near future. Nevertheless, various optical and electrical properties are still a subject of research. This collaborative work will address these properties in order to have a better control of MoS2 based devices for optoelectronic applications.

This collaborative work sets the first milestone for further global collaboration between researchers at NIST and CEGN at KACST and UCLA.