Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Aws Alshamsan

Dean of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology
Associate Professor of Nanobiotechnology
College of Pharmacy

Dr. Aws Alshamsan leads the Nanomedicine Research Group and the Nanomedicine Research Unit (NMU) at the College of Pharmacy, King Saud University. The main focus of NMU is to conduct rigorous translational nanomedicine research for promising improvements of potential therapeutics. During his Ph.D, Alshamsan was trained to design and evaluate therapeutic vaccines for cancer along with targeting key oncogenes with siRNA in murine melanoma model. After that, he did his postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) in CANADA, where he focused on siRNA delivery to cancer cells using surface-modified G∧C rosette nanotubes. Shortly after, he was assigned as a visiting professor at NINT for three years. Furthermore, DR. Alshamsan is the Vice Dean of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology (KAIN) at King Saud University, where he is responsible for planning and directing the major nanotechnology research areas in KSU and cooredinating international collaboration with KAIN.

Dr. Alshamsan's research focuses on the development of nanobiotechnology strategies for medical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical applications as the interface between nanotechnology and biotechnology opens new avenues for pharmaceutical scientists to change the philosophy of current treatment modalities. His previous experience in cancer immunotherapy allowed him to touch on cutting edge aspects of nanobiotechnology for the manipulation of genetic/immunological diseases: including cancer and viral infections. Currently, his research activities fall in the following areas:
1) Formulation and characterization of nanomaterials
2) Development of novel nanocarriers for biotechnology products (nucleic acids and proteins)
3) Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines development for cancer and viral infections
4) Tumor targeting for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes by nanobiotechnological means

He received grant funding and several awards, including Gattefossé Canada CSPS Award in Lipid-Based Drug Delivery and Dr. Walid Alkayyali Award for Best Pharmacy Research.

Representative Publications:
•Kalam MA, Sultana Y, Ali A, Aqil M, Mishra A, Chuttani K, Aljuffali A, and Alshamsan A. (Corresponding Author), Part II: Enhancement of Transcorneal Delivery of Gatifloxacin by Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Comparison to Commercial Aqueous Eye Drops. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2013 Jun;101(6): 1828-36 (IF 2.834).
•Kalam M, Sultana Y, Ali A, Aqil M, Mishra A, Aljuffali A, and Alshamsan A. (Corresponding Author), Part I: Development and Optimization of Solid-Lipid Nanoparticles Using Box–Behnken Statistical Design for Ocular Delivery of Gatifloxacin. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2013 Jun;101(6):1813-27 (IF 2.834)
•Binkhthlan Z and Alshamsan A. (Corresponding Author), Emerging nanodelivery strategies of RNAi molecules for colon cancer therapy: preclinical developments. Ther Deliv. 2012 Sep;3(9):1117-30
•Alshamsan A (Corresponding Author), Hamdy S, Haddadi A, Samuel J, El-Kadi A, Uludag H, and Lavasanifar A., STAT3 Knockdown in B16 Melanoma by siRNA Lipopolyplexes Induces Bystander Immune Response in vitro and in vivo. Transl Oncol. 2011 Jun; 4(3):178-88
•Alshamsan A, Haddadi A, Hamdy S, Samuel J, Uludag H, El-Kadi A, and Lavasanifar A., STAT3 Silencing in Dendritic Cells by siRNA Polyplexes Encapsulated in PLGA Nanoparticles for the Modulation of Anticancer Immune Response. Mol Pharm 2010 Oct ;7(5):1643-1654 (IF 4.5)
•Alshamsan A, Hamdy S, Samuel J, El-Kadi A, Lavasanifar A, and Uludag H., The induction of tumor apoptosis in B16 melanoma following STAT3 siRNA delivery with a lipid-substituted polyethylenimine. Biomaterials 2010 Feb;31(6):1420-8 (IF 7.604)
•Alshamsan A, Haddadi A, Incani V, Samuel J, Lavasanifar A, Uludag H. Formulation and Delivery of siRNA by Oleic Acid and Stearic Acid Modified Polyethylenimine. Mol Pharm 2009 Jan-Feb;6(1):121-33 (IF 4.5)

Book Chapters:
• Hamdy, H., Alshamsan, A., Samuel, J. Nanotechnology for Cancer Vaccine Delivery. In Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery, de Villiers, M. M.; Aramwit, P.; Kwon, G. S., Eds. Springer New York: 2009; Vol. Volume X, pp 519-543