Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Automatic Stall/Spin Recovery of Fixed-Wing and Autonomous Aircraft

This project addresses the design and implementation of automatic control systems for small fixed-wing aircraft flying in the high-angle of attack flight regime. For small aircraft, especially with high thrust to weight ratios such as UAVs, this regime is a very rich region of the flight envelope, since it enables maneuvers and operations that have the potential of enhancing both the operability and safety of these aircraft, extending their applicability beyond the traditional scope of fixed-wing aircraft. In addition, this project addresses other research needs for future UAV platforms, including the design of distributed sensors over the surface of a UAV to enable novel control strategies. The technologies developed here will be used to seed missions for the AA241X (Design, Construction, and Testing of Autonomous Aircraft) taught by Profs. Alonso and Kroo at Stanford University and to create the premier UAV course for graduate-level education.