Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Converting Heavy Oil Residues and Bunker Oil into Olefins

The depletion of the conventional light oil reserves requires more attention to be paid to the heavy oil conversion and value addition. Developing more robust cracking catalyst and novel process to convert of heavy oils into more valuable products is an very important project in KOPRC I. In this work, nano-zeolite, sulphur transfer agent and acidity adjustment strategy will be adopted to mitigate the diffusion effect, reduce coke formation and increase the desired product selectivity.

Saudi Arabian natural resources are abundant in oil, however very little gas reserves are present. With this in mind the use of gas would be preferable due to its relatively clean combustion. In part due to declining crude oil quality the bottom of the barrel and heavy end products (e.g. bunker oil) is increasing significantly. The purpose of this project is to examine the possibility of converting this oil to more useful and environmentally friendly gas based products, which not only provide a clean fuel source, but also result in decreased emissions.