Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Electro-optics / applied optics and photonics

The multidisciplinary research in electro-optics and nanophotonics technology at UCSD has been devoted towards a number information technology applications during the past decades including pioneering research in quantum computing and quantum cryptography, development of nanoscale quantum emitters and nanolasers, optofluidics technology integrating microfluidic and photonic chips, metamaterials, and optical switching technology for data centers and reconfigurable computing. The research is focused on fundamental study of optical and electronic density of states to enable efficient technology for optical switching, modulation and emission. The current projects are funded by the NSF ERC program, DoD MURI programs, and numerous individual programs from federal agencies and industry. The ongoing research includes:

1. Nanophotonics for switching in data centers and reconfigurable computing chips

2. Nanoscale emitters and nanolasers for quantum information processing, computing and cryptography

3. Chip-scale integrated optofluidic systems for medical diagnosis

4. Nonlinear microscopy for in vivo monitoring neuronal brain activities

5. Metamaterials for multifunctional devices and circuits.

The research results are published in high quality peer review journals including Nature, Science, Nature Materials, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, etc.