Joint Centers of Excellence Program

Lightweight and Flexible All-Organic Batteries (Domain 2, Project 2)

In this work we propose to utilize novel organic materials in battery designs with a number of key properties including: (i) the ability to stabilize radical species, (ii) a large ratio of redox-active sites as a function of molecular weight, (iii) a high propensity to undergo a large number of oxidation-reduction cycles, (iv) availability through simple synthetic pathways, and (v) the ability to be easily functionalized in order to tune the electronic properties. The performance of our organic materials will be assessed first by using individual molecules in the construction of the battery electrodes followed closely by the preparation of polymers that are comprised of repeating units of the individual molecules. The ultimate goal of this project is the development of polymer-based next-generation batteries that are made from cheap organic precursors, are lightweight, and are flexible so that they are compatible with current portable electronic equipment and can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of future devices.