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September 2015

An increasingly urbanizing human population presents new challenges for urban planners and designers. While the field of urban design tools is expanding, urban development scenarios require the input of multiple stakeholders, each with different outlooks, expertise, requirements, and preconceptions, and good urban design requires communication and compromise as much as... Continue Reading

July 2015

With the growing complexity in Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) and their integration in the decision-making process, user acceptance of these TUI systems continues to be an important issue.

July 2015

In this paper, we present CoTI, a Collaborative Tangible Interface to support decision making in complex systems. We start by describing the system architecture and the tangible interaction interface with an overview of design considerations for information architecture, navigation layers on multi-touch surfaces, and interaction modalities.

August 2014

In this work, we study the communication dynamics and information propagation of real-world events through the contact networks of mobile phone users. Previous studies have shown that these `bread-crumbs' of digital traces can act as in situ sensors for human behavior, allowing for quantifying social actions and conducting social studies at an unprecedented scale.

June 2014

Spam in Online Social Networks (OSNs) is a systemic problem that imposes a threat to these services in terms of undermining their value to advertisers and potential investors, as well as negatively affecting users’ engagement. While there is a growing literature on social media in terms of developing tools for spam detection and analyzing spam trends, spammers continue... Continue Reading

June 2014

What Color? A Real-time Color Identification Mobile Application for Visually Impaired People

Published in HCI International 2014 (HCII2014). Springer Verlage. 25-27 June. Crete, Greece.

Sara A. Al-Doweesh
Felwah A. Al-Hamed
Hend S. Al-Khalifa

May 2014

In this poster, we introduce a decision support system (DSS) platform (City Schema) that is designed to connect a tangible interface within a 3D modeling environment (City Form) with a simulation engine for analyzing the data of the urban, transportation, energy and water systems of the city (City Analytics) to support collaborative city planning. This DSS connects two... Continue Reading

March 2014

AraMedReader: An Arabic Medicine Identifier Using Barcodes.

Published in Springer 2014 Communications in Computer and Information Science.

Norah I. Al-Quwayfili
Hend S. Al-Khalifa

December 2013

A novel user-level scheduling, along with a specific data alignment method is presented for matrix multiplication in cache-coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access (ccNUMA) architectures. Addressing the data locality problem that occurs in such systems alleviates memory bottlenecks in problems with large input data sets. It is shown experimentally that a large number of cache... Continue Reading

November 2013

In recent years, the interest in modeling complex engineering systems has grown rapidly. Due to their highly nonlinear nature coupled with their critical importance, the task of modeling such systems becomes a high-risk, high-payoff endeavor. There are many complexities associated with understanding and modeling the dynamics of such systems, these include functional, sp... Continue Reading